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Evolutionary Management, Inc., focuses on applying the principles of evolution and complex systems, with full regard and respect for the varied wisdom of humanity’s many cultures, to practical applications in organizational and personal life.  To business entities and individuals, we offer consulting and investment services, and to individuals and organizations, speaking and educational products.

In the world of business, Evolutionary Management, Inc., specializes in launching new organizations and helping more established ones recover the flexibility, vitality and growth of earlier years.  Our approach is a multidimensional combination of proven managerial methods, specific evaluation of and capitalization on uncertainty and risk, and rigorous examination of assumptions and alternatives.  We are experienced in high technology and organizational development, yet rely on sound, human-based and ethical business practices.

Our belief is that innovation in any sphere is a dynamic and complex process.  Conceptually, the development of organizations, markets and technologies, as well as personal lives, is comparable to biological evolution.  Operationally, many interacting variables exist, and conditions can and often do change rapidly.  For all of these reasons, we feel that business as well as personal innovation is best achieved through maximum diligence, alignment of all decision-making with a broad overview, and a healthy sense of humility and foundational respect for all stakeholders.  We prefer operating at or ahead of the advancing front of technology and market norms.

Our practice is based on a collaborating and facilitating relationship, rather than authoritative direction.  In other words, we work with partners and clients to help them identify and solve their problems.  Of course, our interactions are completely confidential.  The services of Evolutionary management, Inc., can be obtained on either a consulting basis or through membership on the management team.  Travel is flexible from our home base in Maine and satellite offices in Ohio and Washington.

Qualifications of President - Charles L. Sidman

Scientific Credentials

- PhD (Harvard Medical School, Harvard University)

- (Retired) Professor of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology (College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati), focusing on immunology and microbiology, genetics, evolution and complex systems

- 40+ years in biomedical and computer/information sciences

- Over 95 research publications & patents

- Helped raise over $40,000,000 in external funding

- Service in corporate, non-profit, government and higher education sectors, in US and abroad

Business Credentials

- MBA (Management, University of Cincinnati)

- For many years, Adjunct Professor of Management (College of Business, University of Cincinnati), specializing in strategic management, innovation, venture formation and corporate responsibility

- Entrepreneur, participant, investor or advisor in numerous businesses and organizations

- Lecturer or consultant at over 200 organizations worldwide (including education, research, biotech, pharmaceutical, equipment, consumer product, computer, information services, HR and transportation industries)

- Member of numerous business, Angel and Venture investment groups and organizations, including Queen City Angels (Cincinnati), Alliance of Angels (Seattle), Maine Angels (Founding Chairman, 2003 – 2007), Angel Capital Association (ACA)(Member of Public Policy Committee), National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF)(Chair of Advocacy Committee), Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE), etc.
- Founder and present Managing Partner/Member of ECS Capital Partners and Angels.
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